Özsoy Plastic Industry and Trade. Ltd. Sti. In 1972, PE packaging production started. Since then, the company has pioneered the development of plastic and packaging industry in Gaziantep with the production of first flexo printed and unprinted PE packaging. The meaning of the logo of our company is “Every leaf of the four leaf clover has a meaning; Faith, Hope, Love, Luck.” it brings luck to the ordinary people, because only ordinary three-leaf clovers come out, only lucky ones can find four-leafs. “Our company continues to produce on the special order in the Sample Industry Site by offering our customers printed and unprinted, high quality products. and aims to attract higher quality and variety of products every day.





Starting with respect to work, to move with the spirit of the team, to produce quality products, to respond to customer demands in a timely manner, to deliver the order as soon as possible, to work with customer satisfaction focused.



Our R & D activities led us to strengthen our machinery infrastructure and target more points in the plastic and packaging sectors.